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A range of metrology services extended to low and high temperature equipments

We are happy to announce that our metrology laboratory located in Fesches-en-Châtel (France) has received an extension of its COFRAC accreditation with the standard ISO 17025 : 2017.
Witness to our commitment for the quality of our services, this extension now allows us to complete our metrology services offer.


New skills in temperature calibration of measuring chains

Present for many years in the health sector to ensure in particular the monitoring of the temperature inside various thermo-controlled equipment, we have equipped many centres and hospital groups with our monitoring solutions for laboratory equipments (refrigerators, freezers, incubators, etc.), pharmacy storage areas, kitchen equipments and food trolls, or the pipes of Hot Water networks systems.

Our metrology team realize the calibration of measurement chains deployed on these applications, either on site or within the Cofrac accredited temperature metrology laboratory.
In September 2019, we have again demonstrated our investment in measurement quality by extending the temperature range of our Cofrac accreditation to +200°C, with a measurement incertainty of ±0.05°C from +140°C to +200°C (accreditation n°2-1943, range available on www.cofrac.fr)

This extension allows us to meet calibration needs on:

  • the high temperature equipments such as sterilizers used in the pharmaceutical production line or for surgical equipments and reusable instruments at the hospital,
  • the incinerators used in waste management.


The Cofrac accredited mapping of freezers

The ISO 17025 standard requires the characterisation and periodic verification of thermostatic and climatic chambers to ensure of their real performances.
Our metrology laboratory is Cofrac accredited according to FD X 15140, EN 60068 and FDV 08601 standards (accreditation n°1-2471) and performs these metrology services since 2013, in the range -90°C to 140°C. 
The scope of our accreditation has also been expanded, enabling us to map ultra-low temperature freezers from -150°C to -196°C.