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The sustainability of the LABGUARD® facilities already in place

From the 1st quarter 2021, JRI offers the compatibility of the JRI-MySirius environmental parameters monitoring solution with the LABGUARD® 3D devices. bioMérieux has announced the stop of marketing at the end of 2022 but the Customer Service is being assured until the end of 2023.

Current users of the LABGUARD® solution, who are widely present in analytical laboratories and production areas, will be able to keep their monitoring processes in place.



 Just a new spokesperson to allow to the users the continuity of their LABGUARD® 3D installations

A close collaboration with the bioMérieux teams for LABGUARD® has enabled the implementation of a strategy to ensure the continuity of the supply of LABGUARD® 3D solutions, support, maintenance in operational condition and evolution.
We offer to the users to conserve their LABGUARD®3D equipments and to evolve their facilities for the monitoring of environmental parameters without major consequences on the organization in place.
The JRI-MySirius application allows the management of the LABGUARD® 3D devices and the data history retrieval of LABGUARD® 2 and 3D equipments.

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« Clinical diagnosis and industrial microbiological control are our core business and we focus our R&D efforts in these areas to always better serve our customers.
As a specialist in physical parameters monitoring solutions, JRI is one of the key solutions for our customers to continue to use the LABGUARD® devices over the long term. » 
Lionel Poiblanc, bioMérieux Senior Business Manager

« We are proud to take over from the LABGUARD® teams, with whom we have built a long-standing trust relationship, to provide solutions for the future to their historical users.
The professionalism of our respective technical teams and the enthusiasm of JRI’s technical & sales teams make us very confident to provide solutions with a high quality level.

Pascal Vermeersch, President CEO of the MMS group (JRI - CIET)



An opportunity for related services and hardware & software developments

We bring the necessary means to assure the durability of the existing Labguard® installations and to answer the customer’s expectations regarding maintenance, associated services (ISO 17 025 metrology services) and hardware & software scalability.

The JRI-MySirius solution uses the newest IoT technologies with sensors adapted to each use case (Nano SPY, LoRa® SPY and Naocom). This opens interesting perspectives for evolution of the LABGUARD® range.

« To complete the maintenance of the actual solution, JRI is able to offer step-by-step evolutions for products and services to the volunteer users: evolution of the monitoring software and compatibility with the existing hardware, combine the existing sensors with new technology sensors when extending a sensor fleet, answer new use cases and deploy solutions in secured multi-sites SaaS / Cloud mode...» 
Eric Cartalas, MMS - JRI - CIET Deputy Managing Director



A skills transfert between the LABGUARD® team, JRI and its distributors

The integration of the LABGUARD® range in the JRI-MySirius solution is scheduled for the 1st quarter 2021.
A specific organization and a dedicated projects coordinator are set up to help the LABGUARD® solution users to now prepare the evolution of their installation.
We already spread significant means on our wide global network of qualified international distributors.



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