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A dedicated and ready-to-use solution for monitoring the low temperature

Based on the strengths of new IoT technologies, Nano SPY T3 ensures precision and reliability of measurements, in accordance with the current normative and regulatory requirements.
A decisive solution for a vaccine requiring with the cold chain and storage conditions at a temperature of -80°C.





Meet the cold chain monitoring requirements

The Covid-19 vaccine resulting from gene therapies, due to its composition, imposes storage conditions at very low temperatures. Each actor involved in vaccine distribution must take the necessary measures to respect the cold chain and ensure that storage conditions are maintained at a temperature of -80°C.

To meet these requirements, we designed the Nano SPY T3 Pack for the monitoring low temperature in chambers storing Covid19 Vaccines.
It is composed by a Nano SPY T3 mini temperature sensor, a Nano SPY Link measurement transmission module and a 36-month subscription to the JRI-MySirius monitoring application (in Advanced level).

 Pack NanoSPYT3 low temperature monitoring Covid19 vaccines

Monitoring Covid-19 vaccines stored in a very low temperature chamber

The Nano SPY T3 temperature sensor is designed to monitor and record the temperature inside -80°C freezers, cryogenic tanks and other low temperature chambers. It is equipped with an external PT100 stainless steel probe which measures over a range from -200°C to 0°C and with an accuracy of ±0.2°C from -20°C to 0°C and ±0.5°C out of this range.
Easy to use, the Nano SPY T3 is ready to use and has operation and alarm lights. It can be installed on the equipment via fixing eyelets or via a magnet integrated into the box.

It is delivered with a quick start guide which gives all the information to get started with the monitoring system.

The sensor transmits its data measurements to the Nano SPY Link module installed nearby, via a 2.4 GHz radio frequency communication. The Nano SPY Link automatically sends the collected measurements to the JRI secure cloud which hosted them.
The JRI-MySirius web application allows monitoring and management of data measurements. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface and is accessible from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

When the temperature thresholds are exceeded, alerts by email, SMS and / or voice call are sent immediately to take corrective actions and save the vaccines.

The JRI-MySirius application in Advanced level is CFR Part 11 compliant. It includes for 36 months the consultation of measurements, data archiving, the complete audit trail, metrology management of sensors and many other functions meeting the Quality needs of pharmacists and pharmaceutical wholesalers.
All data is hosted on secured Microsoft's Azure servers to meet security requirements.


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