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Cold logistics of medical samples and thermosensitive products

The health crisis has led to an increase in transportation of vaccines, biological samples, blood or organs, with tight deadlines and high demands.

These transports require more than ever special attention to their temperature in order to maintain their integrity. They need to respond to the Good Distribution Practices (GMP) and regulatory requirements.

The ISO NF EN 15189 standard for the pre-analysis phase, as an example, that requires traceability of the temperature and transportation time of medical samples.




 Since 2011, CB Move-it offers «tailor-made» transportation logistics to meet the needs of medical biology laboratories, in compliance with the requirements related to temperature monitoring and in compliance with the ISO 15189 standard.
Thanks to the Naocom solution, the transporter ensures the traceability of temperatures and the geographical positioning of vehicles during transportation rounds.


Ensure traceability of temperature and transportation time

Naocom is the most complete temperature traceability and geolocation solution on the market to track the logistics of thermosensitive products.
It allows to monitor and trace 4 crucial data for the traceability required by the ISO 15 189 standard :

  • measurements of temperature
  • temperature alarm
  • geolocation
  • transportation timestamp


In the video below, learn how CB Move-it uses the Naocom solution to monitor biological transported in its vehicles. The transportation conditions of sensitive products are monitored in real time, in tri or quadri temperatures.
The drives made by vehicles but also the parcels, bags, samples or boxes can be traced to allow more reactivity on the part of the operational teams. 



 The Naocom solution is based on wireless technologies (GPS, GPRS, RFID, etc.) that come under the IoT to enable :

• Real-time tracking with a fleet position
• Temperature traceability of objects transported via high-precision, Cofrac calibrated  temperature sensors
• Vehicle geolocation
• Management of temperature alarms in real time and sending of alerts by SMS / email
• Consultation and archiving of data on the common platform
• The generation of personalized reports: temperatures, places of passage, hours of input/ output, etc...


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