Temperature-controlled Transport : traceability at the digital transition time

The French magazine L'Officiel des Transporteurs has looked at IoT-based solutions available to refrigerated carriers to help them to ensure temperature control and prove their respect.


JRI cold chain monitoring systems are among the pioneering solutions in this field

Several suppliers of temperature traceability solutions are also distinguished by their innovations like JRI and its range of connected temperature sensors LoRa SPY.
Autonomous, it relies on IoT technologies. « LoRa SPY sensors measure, geolocate, record temperature data in real-time and send alerts, according to configurable set points by SMS, e-mail, voice call or on any connected tools », before Eric Cartalas, Director General of JRI.

Automatically and at the desired frequency, the information is transmitted to the JRI secure cloud platform via the LoRa network. Equipped with eyelets and magnets, the LoRa SPY range exists in several models with LCD display, indicator lights, coupled with other sensors (door opening, humidity, etc.) or external digital probes. 
The data can be accessed via the JRI MySirius portal or directly transmitted to carrier’s IT system via a web API.


With customers as Antoine Transports, Delanchy, Heppner, Petit Forestier or DB Schenker, JRI is able to calibrate its measuring instruments in its certified metrology laboratories. 
Through the JRI MySirius portal, the French designer and manufacturer also offers monitoring solutions, including parcels monitoring by using wireless dataloggers and WiFi, Ethernet and GSM / GPRS / GPS sensors: Nano SPY, MobiTemp, SPY Mobility, Verigo , V-Temp 1 ...


Article published in the French magazine l'OFFICIEL DES TRANSPORTEURS, number 2997 - November 2019. Written by Erick Demangeon