An app to control temperatures from reception to cooking 


Le Monde du Surgelé, the magazine dedicated to the buyers of the frozen food industry, was interested in its article of January 24, 2020, to our technological innovations designed to go further in the monitoring of the cold chain, specifically via the core temperature of foods.

JRI presents two technological innovations. The first is a tailor-made application for food service industry, simplifying the operations of temperature readings and HACCP compliance. The second is a wireless air temperature sensor, which also simulates the core temperature of a product. 



MyFoodCheck is a new application from the cold chain specialist JRI

 It enables to automate food temperature readings and proactively detect temperature differences at each stage of the cold chain: during the receipt of goods, storage, cooking of food, their hot and cold storage, as well as during cooling.

The application works in pairs with the Bluetherm One connected thermometer. It transmits the measurements directly to the Myfoodcheck temperature monitoring application via a Bluetooth communication with a tablet or smartphone. If the tolerances are exceeded, a list of corrective actions is proposed to make quick decisions”, says Éric Cartalas, General Manager Operations at JRI.


Multiple benefits for the user

The application is available on Google Play and offers many benefits for its users. Starting with time saved since temperature readings are automated. Another asset is the creation of detailed reports that protect the restaurant owner in case of litigation.

It is also the certainty of being up to date in case of an unexpected inspection by the hygiene services, and able to generate PDF reports of the weekly activity logs. That is to guarantee a good traceability of the measurements and carried-out actions. 

"So we end with the everlasting sheets of temperature readings that are half full, or full of inconsistencies. Here everything is automated in two clicks", explains Éric Cartalas.


A probe that simulates the core temperature of the product

Clearly, progress is not stopped at JRI. The director talks about another technological breakthrough on the wireless temperature sensors Nano Spy, coupled with the JRI MySirius temperature monitoring application.

In short, the probe, which measures the temperature of the air inside the cold room, fridge or sales unit, will also simulate a core temperature of a stored product, calculated according to the nature of the product.

It is therefore sufficient to configure this simulation at core on the most sensitive to temperature excursion stored product (such as ice).

"We therefore benefit from an additional simulation alarm threshold in addition to the air temperature, and thus we significantly reduce the number of real manual checks to be made at core", explains out interlocutor, a covincing example (see below). 

With a substantial time saving on control operations and an even more protected merchandise thanks to this double configuration of alarms.



A session screen on the JRI MySirius application, showing the temperature curves of a customer's cold equipment such as "fast food" with door openings & closures, cold system shutdowns, enclosure temperature control. It is noted on the screen


Article written by Jean-François Aubry and published on January, the 24th 2020 in the French magazine Le Monde du Surgelé