The MMS Group is continuing its development plan and today announces the acquisition of Naocom, a specialist in temperature traceability and geolocation


By going into partnership with Naocom, the MMS - Metrology & Monitoring Solutions Group, which already gathers the JRI and CIET companies, thus develops its expertise and its solutions dedicated to transport. 



A strategic acquisition of real-time monitoring and geolocation expertise in cold chain monitoring for the transport of sensitive products and parcel tracking

JRI and Naocom are long-standing partners in a commercial cooperation based on the distribution of the Naocom solution. More recently, Naocom has integrated the JRI – SPY Mobility solution in its cloud platform. These partnerships are proof of the coherence and compatibility of both expertise.

The two companies will shortly merge to operate with perfect integration. 

The Naocom co-founder, Laure Reversat, will be in charge of the JRI-NAOCOM mobility solutions development. She will drive R&D for tomorrow's innovations related to the mobility sector while remaining responsible for the quality of the services provided by Naocom to its customers. 


The development of a centralized platform, integrating a wide range of solutions based on the best technology innovations will allow to meet the always increasing challenges in the entire cold chain and blockchain monitoring

Today’s solutions from both companies will be maintained for all French customers. Their international visibility will be strengthened thanks to JRI partner’s network.

In a second phase, the JRI-MySirius and Naocom-NaoTemp software will converge to a unique platform integrating actual product ranges and future connected solutions. In this operation context, all Naocom shareholders including Méliés Business Angel sells the entire capital to JRI.

Laure Reversat, Naocom’s co-founder, becomes shareholder of the MMS-JRI-NAOCOM-CIET Group next to the actual managing team (Pascal Vermeersch, Eric Cartalas, André Grezel, Arnaud Daveau, Rémi Moreau and other managers), the Alliance Entreprendre & the Caisse d’Epargne Ile–de-France Capital Investissement companies.

Pascal Vermeersch, MMS - JRI – CIET CEO : « I am happy for our respective customers that JRI integrates the Naocom company, with whom we share the same culture of quality, taste for innovation and service, to offer complete solutions with the best technologies of today and tomorrow. »

Laure Reversat (Naocom’s co-founder), MMS - JRI Mobility Solutions R&D Manager : « After 8 years of partnership, I join the JRI team with confidence. I am convinced that this merger will allow our customers to take benefit from the best approach for the traceability of their cold chain. »

Eric Cartalas, MMS - JRI – CIET Deputy Managing Director in charge of sales and Operation : « The Naocom expertise in mobility solution development joined to the JRI experience in IoT-based solutions with high metrology quality of measurements and data integrity requirements will allow us to accelerate the time to market for tomorrow’s IoT solutions for the cold chain monitoring. »


About Naocom : www.naocom.fr

Created in 2008, Naocom is a recognized expert in temperature traceability and geolocation (with several thousand sensors in daily circulation), offering turnkey solutions for transport and logistics. Naocom designs and manufactures the Naotemp solution based on a unique technology meeting the entire needs of cold transport actors (medical, food, frozen products) with high reliability.