Activity Continuity JRI covid 19 articleCovid-19 : Our safety measures and activity continuity plan 


Dear Customer,

Further to the Covid-19 pandemic, our main concern is to ensure our activities while ensuring the safety of our staff and our customers.
For this, several measures have been put in place and are subject to change at any time, depending on the evolution of the situation.

Safety of our staff
Visits out of the office are reduced to a strictly necessary minimum and we have limited the presence of our employees in our sites by favoring home office and rescheduled office hours. Equipment sent back to the factory, coming from our customers, is 100% decontaminated by the use of an adapted spray. The barrier gesture instructions are reminded within each service and the means of protection are distributed.

Availability of our products and solutions
As far as today, and taking into account that JRI favours mostly supplies from a local French distribution channel, we have a large stock of raw materials which allows us to continue manufacturing in our factory. At this moment, we have no significant delay in our deliveries. We take a critical look at the situation in certain countries (such as Italy) in order to anticipate and we daily confirm delivery delays with our European suppliers
The availability, accessibility and security of the data collected on our Cloud solutions JRI Mysirius and SiriusWeb are facilitated by the very properties of IoT solutions and any remote intervention by our support is possible 24 / 24h - 7 / 7d.

Continuity of services
Laboratory metrology services are followed up daily and we have no significant delay.


In these exceptional circumstances, the complete JRI Team remains focused on satisfying as much as possible our customer’s requests, but that in function of how the situation progresses within JRI and depending upon national directives, we might need to make new adaptations and will not fail to inform you immediately.


Take care of you and your close members !


 The JRI Team