JRI MySirius temperature monitoring in hospital Article in FMT

To monitor the temperature of fridges containing medicines, the hospital chose for the wireless JRI LoRa solution

JRI MySirius solution is mentionned in the FMT Gezondheidszorg, the magazine dedicated to the Hospital in Netherlands. 
Published in Dutch language, the article has been translated to offer it below.
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The hospital pharmacist Krijn DEKENS from the MARTINI HOSPITAL (Groningen, NL) talks about the monitoring of medecine fridges:

“We choose for a combination of both flexibility and reliability”

The MARTINI Hospital in Groningen (NL) is quite a big top-level university hospital with a wide care offer. The institution has a lot of different departments, and thus a big number of fridges containing medicines.
To monitor the temperature of its equipment, the hospital chose for the wireless JRI LoRa solution. Hospital pharmacist Krijn Dekens speaks about this choice and the experience of its use.


Everyone working in the hospital environment, knows that there is a need for flexible use of the space. Areas regularly change for a new function, departments can expand, merge, move, …
That is precisely the reason why we came to the JRI LoRa (long range) system” says Dekens. As it is a wireless system, we can move the fridges or add new ones, without having to adapt the wiring.

The system works with a gateway on a local network that is suitable for long distance monitoring. The sensors show locally on the display the latest measurement and send their data directly via the LoRaWAN network to the MySirius Cloud software.

On the sensors display, the last measurements in each fridge linked to the system, can be monitored.
If there is an alarm, you are warned locally on the display, but also via other channels like email or text message, which allows a fast resolution of the problem.” says Krijn Dekens.
Most often it is about small issues: a fridge door stays open, or a wrong button has been selected by mistake. Here at Martini, the system is managed during daytime by the pharmacy, and outside office hours by the security.

The installation of the system has been done by HITMA-Instrumentatie, in cooperation with the ICT-department of the hospital. “We had some complications due to the specific building construction” says Dekens, because this hospital has quite some metallic walls. We needed some more LoRa gateways to have optimal signal, but this was easy to implement. It just works great; the alerting is good and efficient.

We chose for the JRI MySIRIUS fridge and freezer monitoring system first of all because of the flexibility and the reliability” says Dekens.
But it is also for the same reasons cost effective. At first sight maybe not the cheapest, but you need no wiring when moving or expanding. Moving fridges is easy and for expansion, you just need additional sensors.


The article has been published in FMT Gezondheidszorg, no 3-4-2020, www.fmtgezondheidszorg.nl