Our wireless monitoring solutions can be managed on cloud-based applications, and available from any smartphone, tablet and PC.

According to your needs, data measurements can be hosted on the secured cloud or installed on your server.
Our web platforms and software have been designed to meet strict regulatory compliance requirements in healthcare and food safety and other industries where environmental monitoring is critical.

NaoTemp Temperature Monitoring Web Platform
    Monitoring web platform for SPY RFID and SPY Mobility temperature sensors compatible with the Naocom temperature monitoring and tracking solution   ...
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MyFoodCheck mobile app for HACCP controls
  The MyFoodCheck mobile app is dedicated to temperature control operations imposed by HACCP procedures ...
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MyNanoView mobile app for display Nano SPY measurements
  Display of measurements and alarms transmitted by Nano SPY mini temperature sensors ...
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JRI-MySirius Temperature and other Parameters Monitoring Web Platform
  Management and monitoring web platform for wireless temperature data loggers Nano SPY and LoRa SPY ...
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Verigo Monitoring Mobile App
  Verigo Bluetooth Mobile Monitoring Application of temperature loggers Any modern smartphone or tablet can be used to display, analyze, synchronize and share data of all nearby Bluetoot ...
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Metrolog Mapping Software
  Metrolog Mapping is a software designed to map and check any climatic and thermostatic cabinets  METROLOG2 Mapping is a complete solution which allows you to : Map and check ny cabi ...
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SiriusWeb Temperature Monitoring Web Platform
  SiriusWeb is the temperature monitoring web platform for the wireless recorders SPY RF ...
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Sirius Storage Monitoring Software
  Sirius Storage software is dedicated to site installation monitored by the SPY RF wireless recorders and SPY IP recorders ...
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Metrolog Calibration Software
  Metrolog Calibration is a software designed for proceeding to your own metrology operations ...
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