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Sirius Mobility Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Web Platform


Plateforme web surveillance temperatures humidite geolocalisation Sirius Mobility

SIRIUS Mobility  moved to the MobiTemp web platform for monitoring in real time the GPS temperature data logger SPY Mobility

During the transportation of your products, MobiTemp web platform allows to monitor monitor ambient conditions, locate them on a map and be alerted in real time when temperature excursions occur.

The interface is user-friendly and offers a simplified dashboard which presents the situation of your products in.

The temperature data recorded by the SPY mobility temperature and humidity recorder are presented in a graph with alarm thresholds and can be monitored during the transport.

The application includes the geofencing function. Notifications can be sent to the operator when the SPY Mobility is detected on set areas POIs.

To meet quality requirements, reports of shipment can be edited in PDF format, to track events encountered during transport :
alarms, POIs crossed, temperature measurements.




  • Intuitive interface with a simplified dashboard allowing to visualize at a glance status and location of your products
  • Real-time alarm management by SMS and/or Email when in case of alarm or pre-alarm threshold excursion.
    In option, a text message can be sent to the operator for making corrective actions if necessary
  • Display on a map : location of your fleet and data associated (name and measurements)
  • Measurement graph with alarm and pre alarm thresholds
  • Geofencing function
  • Activity reports : alarms, corrective actions, points of interest crossing, temperature data…
  • Secured access from smartphone, tablet or PC

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