Especially designed for cold chain monitoring of food products, the Time Temperature Integrator records the cumulative time during which your product was exposed above 5°C.

The adhesive label allows an application directly on the packaging.

As long as the monitored product is kept below 5°C, there is no colored indication in the second window. If this temperature is reached or exceeded during 2 hrs, the second window colors in blue; during 4 hrs, the third window colors too.

The Time Temperature Integrator allows a rapid and reliable on-site quality decisions, without the use of sotware or other equipment.


Accurate and irreversible
Easy to read and clear color indicator
Rapid decision making
Storage and transport without constraint
Does not contain toxic reagents


Temperature : +5°C
Measurement accuracy : +/- 1°C
Reading : Direct by color change
Lifetime : 2 years
Start mode : Manual activation
Installation mode : Adhesive system
Storage conditions : Ambient temperature
Dimensions : 40 x 19 mm
Packaging : 100 pieces
Delivered with : Compliance certificate