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GPS Temperature and Hygrometry Data loggers SPY Mobility

Enregistreur temperature humidite geolocalisable SPYMobility


The SPY mobility is a temperature and hygrometry recorder which allows to locate your thermosensitive product during transport

Designed for all means of transportation (road, sea and air), the SPY Mobility allows a complete monitoring, from simple shipment of a refrigerated case to long range transport of sensitive goods.
It is composed of GPS/GPRS device and a temperature digital probe with an high metrological quality to meet the requirements for monitoring thermo-sensitive products.

The ISO 17025 calibration of the JRI digital probe can be performed by a simple exchange, without interruption of monitoring.






It is adapted for :

  • Refrigerated vehicle
  • Refrigerated container
  • Isothermal box
  • Cryogenic tank
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Pallet of thermosensitive goods
  • Refrigerated display cabinet

In case of temperature excursions, alerts are sent by email and/or SMS to make corrective actionsand save your products.
Data measurement are transmitted to the NaoTemp temperature monitoring web platform web and can be managed via smartphone, tablet or PC.
With the user-friendly interface, you monitor the temperature at eache step of the transport and locate it in real-time.



  • GPS  : 12 GPS channels SIRF IV A-GPS included
    Accelerometer 3D - Sensitivity : <1mg
  • GPRS Modem
  • LOCATION : Outdoor GPS / GSM
    • Standard model: -20°C to +60°C
    • Long battery life model: -40°C to +60°C
  • CERTIFICATIONS : CE 007 - RTTE RoHS - EN 12 830*
  • STORAGE : 10 000 data measurements
    • Module activated
    • GPRS transmission
    • Power supply
    • Alarm
    • Standard model : 12 days
    • Long battery life model : 50 days
    • Mains powered models available
    • Standard model : 89x59x25 mm
    • Long battery life model : 89x59x37,5 mm

*Long battery life model only
**With a measure point every 15mn and a data transmission on the MobiTemp Cloud every 6 hours


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