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    The MyFoodCheck is dedicated to temperature control operations imposed by HACCP procedures

     To help the professionals in Food Service in their HACCP processes and in the implementation of their quality control plan, we have developed the MyFoodCheck mobile application for temperature controles.

    The MyFoodCheck application automates food temperature readings and proactively detects temperature differences at each stage of the cold chain during:

    • receipt of goods,
    • storage,
    • cooking,
    • hot and cold storage of food
    • cooling


    The application works in pairs with the connected Bluetherm One thermometer.
    It transmits the measurements directly to the Myfoodcheck application with a Bluetooth communication via a tablet or smartphone.

    If the tolerances are exceeded, a list of corrective actions is proposed and allows for quick decisions.

    The app is available on Google Play and offers multiple benefits :

    • Save time : temperature readings are automated
    • Reduce health risks to your customers
    • Optimally manage food security issues
    • Create detailed numerical reports that protect you in case of litigation
    • Be sure to always be up to date when inspecting hygiene services
    • Generate PDF reports and weekly activity logs to ensure traceability of actions and actions


    Bluetherm One, the thermometer connected to the MyFoodCheck application

    Robust and easy to use, the Bluetooth thermometer Bluetherm One measures the temperature from -199.9°C to +1 372°C with a simple push button. 
    Its internal PT100 class A sensor holds a measurement accuracy of 0.4°C 1% of the reading according to the probe.

    It can be used with interchangeable thermocouple probes:

    • Quick response needle probe for core temperature
    • Hypodermic probe for vacuum cooking
    • Surface probe for grill temperature
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 JRI innovation recognized all around the world through a powerful network of partners

Present all around the world, we work with a large distributors' network. Our partners have been chosen and trained for being able to accompany you in the definition of your needs, advise you and follow your projects until their reception.

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Our commitment for quality and environment

We fullfill our advisor role and guarantee an irreproachable and trustworthy service.
Relationships with our customers are privileged and long lasting.

Always being at the cutting edge of technology, we contribute to protect environment and offer eco-friendly monitoring solutions.

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Cold chain monitoring expert, JRI develops wireless temperature monitoring systems to help Healthcare, Food Safety and HVAC sectors to be compliant with current regulations (ISO 17025, GMP, GLP, FDA 21, CFR part 11, HACCP...). Our temperature data loggers also monitor humidity and many other parameters.

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