We have developed various wireless monitoring solutions to help you to protect your products during storage and transport.

Our cold chain temperature monitoring systems are designed for Healthcare and Food Safety which are very strictly regulated with specific standards.
Temperature, humidity, pressure... Many parameters can be monitored by our wireless data loggers and connected sensors.

Data management is possible on intuitive cloud-based applications, developed to answer to requirements and constraints of the user and his tasks.

JRI MySirius Wireless temperature monitoring solution
  JRI MySirius is a wireless monitoring solution with IoT connectivity  ...
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SiriusWeb Web-based Monitoring Solution
  SiriusWeb is a cloud-based monitoring solution for thermo-controlled equipments, warehouses and energy consumption ...
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Sirius Storage Wireless monitoring solution
  Sirius Storage is a wireless monitoring solution for temperature and many other parameters ...
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Sirius Mobility Temperature and humidity monitoring solution with GPS geolocation
  Sirius Mobility is a monitoring solution with geolocation of thermosensitive products during transport ...
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MobiTemp Temperature monitoring and tracking solution
  MobiTemp is an automatic cold chain temperature monitoring of refrigerated transport ...
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Verigo Bluetooth temperature and humidity monitoring solution
  Verigo is wireless bluetooth monitoring solution of thermo-sensitive products ...
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