A building is required to control the ambient temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and pressure...to ensure hygiene and safety conditions, plus climate comfort in compliance with current regulations. In a residential, exhibition and conservation building, these climate conditions play a very significant role. 

We offer ambient conditions monitoring solutions perfectly suited to identify the most stable areas in a building. Our pressure monitoring systems for sprinkler allow to be compliant with the french regulation APSAD Rule R1 (edition 07.2008.0). 

We provide also solutions for gas distribution.

Hot Water Systems
Preventing the risk from exposure to legionella bacteria in health facilities Monitoring your collective installation of hot water with ease To meet the requirements of the risk from exp ...
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Archive documents and museum collections
  Monitoring solutions for museums and document archives Climate conditions play a very significant role in the conservation of archive documents and museum collections (paintings, sculptures ...
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Industry clean rooms
  Physical measurements expertise for industrial production In order to apply regulations, solutions for the acquisition and monitoring of physical parameters (temperature, RH, pressure, leve ...
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Gas distribution
  Mechanical monitoring solutions for high pressure environment in gas distribution Natural gas is transported through 16-, 25- or 67-bar pressure transport networks.It is important to monito ...
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  A Product Designed for Fire Protection APSAD reference documents meet the varied needs of safety professionals in France. They specifically apply to the installation of fire and theft prote ...
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