Experts in food cold chain, we offers food safety temperature monitoring systems which comply with food regulations and HACCP procedures. 

Several leaders in food sector trust us and use our temperature monitoring solutions for their foodstuffs and ensure their preservation during storage and transportation.

Food retail
Temperature control of foodstuffs is a fundamental concept of HACCP procedures We offer independent and automated monitoring solutions which comply with the regulations and HACCP procedures applicabl ...
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Restaurants and catering
HACCP defines a food safety method to prevent contamination when handling food. The food hygiene package generalises the implementation of procedures based on HACCP principles to food industry profes ...
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Food supply chain
  Food cold chain logistics temperature controlled Monitoring the environmental conditions of a storage warehouse varies according to the products stored (negative temperature, to +8°C or +2 ...
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Food Processing
Regulatory Requirements Applicable to Food Manufacturers HACCP procedures, the food hygiene package and cold chain compliance call for the implementation of means to control the temperature of foodst ...
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