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Probe calibration and checking


Etalonnage Cofrac sondes temperature

We perform ISO 17 025 accredited metrology services for your temperature probes

Measurement instruments need to be calibrated regularly to check compliance with requirements set by Standards. 

We have developed digital probes with high metrological quality. They have an internal memory to store their adjustment coefficients and some metrological data.
Because they are interchangeable, we can realize the calibration in a metrology laboratory by simple exchange, without disrupting your activities or immobilising your equipment. 
This solution is time saving and ensures the accuracy of all calibration operations.


logocofrac calibrationOur metrology laboratory fulfils the requirements of the standard NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 / 2017 and is accredited in temperature calibration (accreditation N°2-1943):

  • from -80°C to +200°C and at -196°C in laboratory
  • from -90°C to +140°C on site


Our best uncertainties in laboratory are:

 By immersion in a bath  In a chamber
at point -196°C : ±0.09°C  from -40°C to -20°C : ±0.30°C
from -80°C to -40°C : ±0.055°C  from -20°C to 0°C : ±0.20°C
from -40°C to 0°C : ±0.037°C  from 0°C to +60°C : ±0.15°C
at point 0°C : ±0.037°C  from +60°C to +80°C : ±0.30°C
from 0°C to +140°C : ±0.037°C  
from +140°C to +200°C : ±0.05°C  



Within our COFRAC (ISO 17 025) accredited laboratory for temperature calibration, we offer metrology services with the best maximum tolerated variations possible and without polluting sensors by calibration baths.


Mobile Metrology LabExpress JRIWe perform on-site calibration services in our mobile metrology laboratories

The Lab'express and Mini Lab'express are laboratories housed within a vehicle. They contains the same equipment as a classic laboratory (water baths, calibration benches, measurement standards...) and benefit from stable and controlled climatic conditions.

Aboard, a metrology engineer performs Cofrac accredited metrology services simultaneously while maintaining our monitoring solutions in satisfactory operational condition.
This solution ensures an optimal scheduling of interventions and a time and cost optimization. Competitors solutions can be calibrated.

Our mobile metrology laboratories are available in bordering countries of France. 


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