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MySiriusAlert is a mobile app for managing alert notifications from the JRI-MySirius environmental parameters monitoring system

The MySiriusAlert mobile application is designed to immediately alert on smartphone or tablet in the event of an alarm on the JRI-MySirius temperature monitoring system and other parameters.
It allows you to view the state of the sensors and to geolocate the equipment in alarm.

MySiriusAlert brings more responsiveness to the user by allowing him to ensure the traceability of measurements and to intervene quickly if necessary.



From a smartphone or tablet equipped with the MySiriusAlert app, it is possible to:

  • receive alert notifications
  • consult and acknowledge current alarms
  • access the temperature data of your monitored enclosures
  • scan the barcode of a device to view its measurements
  • locating the speakers and the route to access them (if the Maps module is activated)
  • modify the sensor settings: alarm inhibition, change of threshold values ​​using predefined speaker configuration models, etc.