temperature sensors LoRa Temp Plus

Range of LoRa TEMP '+ connected temperature sensors connected to the LoRaWAN network
Very long communication range & Great autonomy

To meet the needs of temperature monitoring, we have developed a new temperature measuring solution with LoRaWAN connectivity compatible with the JRI-MySirius monitoring application.
The LoRa® TEMP ’+ range consists of LoRa temperature loggers suitable for each use: with internal probe, external probes, connector for PT100 temperature probe.

Thanks to technical features, it meets applications requiring a long battery life, to simplify the transmission and integration of measurements into a third-party operating system.




Without display screen, the LoRa TEMP'+ range is an economical solution having all the metrology quality of the JRI products.

As part of the integration into a third-party application or existing business software, LoRa® TEMP ’+ sensors can be managed by users from their interface.

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