Number of sensors: High concentration of sensors up to 30 meters, Few sensors, Many sensors spread over an extended area
Parameters to be monitored: Temperature or temperature and humidity only, Temperature, humidity and other parameters
Area covered by the Lorawan Network: Yes
Real-time data management: Real-time data monitoring and alert receiving, Consultation of data and exceeding thresholds when goods are received without any action
Type of transport: Global, National
Sensor location: Locate the area where the sensor is

 Wireless temperature data logger LoRa TEMP+ with external probe

Temperature Sensor to be used with all types of external PT100 temperature probes

To ensure the monitoring of controlled temperature chambers such as cold rooms, freezers or incubators, the connected temperature logger LoRa TEMP+ ES can be connected to all types of external PT100 temperature probes.

It connects to the LoRaWANTM network of telecom operators members of the LoRa AllianceTM or to the private network of a Micro Gateway data transmission module.

In case of thresholds excursions, real-time alerts are sent by SMS text message, mail or voice message.

Data can be viewed and managed via the easy-to-use and intuitive web based JRI-MySirius interface.



  • Measure, record, and send out alert notifications spontaneously
  • To be connected to all type of PT100 temperature probes
  • Mounting hole & mounting bracket for easy installation
  • User-replaceable long lasting battery
  • 868MHz / 915MHz




  • Temperature range & measurement accuracy : depending of the probe
  • Communication frequency : 868/915 MHz
  • Memory : 10 000 data points
  • Radio range : Up to 16 km open field range
  • Interface : 1 LED, 1 push button
  • Sensor : External class A PT100
  • Dimensions : 65 x 65 x 28 mm
  • Weight : 100 g
  • Power supply : A size replaceable lithium battery
  • Battery lifetime : 5 years (logging interval: 15min, transmission interval: 60min)
  • Part nrs : 
    • 868 MHz: 13221A
    • 868 MHz without battery : 13221
    • 915 MHz without battery : 13222




file dowload Download the user manual
file dowload Download the datasheet




Probes compatible to LoRa TEMP+ ES

  • Part nr 09520 02 : PT100 moulded probe, Class A, 3m 3-wire flat cable, -50°C+105°C, Ø5X20, Binder connector
  • Part nr 10540 : PT100 moulded probe, Class A, 8m 3-wire flat cable, -50°C +105°C, Ø5X20, Binder connector
  • Part nr 13206 : PT100, Class A, 0.4m 3-wire flat cable, -50°C +105°C, Ø5X20, Binder connector