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Metrolog Calibration Software


Logiciel metrologie Metrolog Etalonnage

Metrolog Calibration is a software designed for proceeding to your own metrology operations

Metrolog Calibration is a complete solution which allows you to:

  • Adjust, check and calibrate the entire SPY RF® range
  • Manage your measuring chains fleet with historical display of system metrology operations
  • Automate your calibrations through automatic detection of step stability
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce calibration services to an auditor
  • Use all types of standard chains
  • Write metrology information in the recorders so that they can be used automatically in Sirius Storage V2.0
  • Take the maximum permissible errors into account in your different measuring chains systems as well as correction of calibration uncertainties of the reference standard
  • Judge the compliance of a measuring chain from its use conditions
  • User friendly software where metrologist is guided step by step




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