The pharmaceutical industry is required to meet Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practices for temperature monitoring during different logistical stages, as well as apply FDA requirements.

Manufacturing, pharmaceutical processes, storage, tranporation to pharmaceutical agents and dispatchers, 'last mile' distribution and management: for each stage in life-cycle of temperature-sensitive products we offer a cold chain monitoring solution, during storage and transportation.

Quality laboratories
Temperature monitoring of thermostatic equipment As part of the quality control analyses and tests carried out within the laboratory, we accompany you in the monitoring of your thermostatic equipment ...
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Production areas
Good Manufacturing Practices and Monitoring of Environmental Parameters Research The manufacture of pharmaceuticals requires stable and precise climatic conditions. They are defined by Good Manufactu ...
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Animal houses
Monitoring temperature and humidity in your breeding farm is now mandatory  What is the 2010-63 Directive of 22/09/2010 about ? 2010-63 Directive issue on 22/09/2010 requires any facilit ...
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Clinical trials
Storage conditions for clinical trials Research laboratories developing clinical trials should monitor their thermostatic equipment that retains the reagents and all heat-sensitive products. The tra ...
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Temperature monitoring of thermostatic equipment in pharmacy The many heat-sensitive drugs and vaccines stored in pharmacies must be stored in refrigerators at a constant temperature between 5°C +/- ...
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Warehouse Temperature Mapping
Warehouse Temperature Mapping According to the American Pharmacopeia recommendations USP<1079> What is USP ? The “United States Pharmacopeia” (USP) is a non-governmental, US  ...
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