Monitoring temperature and humidity in your breeding farm is now mandatory 

What is the 2010-63 Directive of 22/09/2010 about ?

2010-63 Directive issue on 22/09/2010 requires any facility housing laboratory animals to acquire a system for
monitoring and recording various parameters. In particular, the temperature must be measured and logged at
least once a day and the relative humidity, pressure and the rate of brightness must be also monitored.

What is the scope of this directive?

This directive includes any facility where animals are kept, including:

  • Animal breeding laboratory
  • Experimental lab
  • Experimental surgery laboratory


The monitoring and recording system of JRI

JRI has designed a complete range of wireless recorders communicating on LoRaWAN, enabling measurement and logging of temperature, humidity and other physical parameters. With its range of wireless recorders and its operating application, JRI allows you to easily outfit your breeding farm, and thereby contribute to the welfare of the animals.